Enterprise Resource Planner (ERP)

Enterprise Resource Planner

A common database that supports all applications and looks consistent across its modules, is the key to success for any organization

Gone are the days of working in Silos and periodic updates. Nowadays, Organizations work as one unified team who believe in real time updates. All this has been possible because of Enterprise Resource Planning solutions.

An efficient ERP software automates and integrates core business processes starting from Sales to Manufacturing, Finance to Inventory, and many more. Our team of professional workforce, with global experience will help you with implementation and customization of ERP solution across the business modules.

We are into development of ERP from a decade, starting with Oracle 9i and D2K and now we are totally into Microsoft Technologies with SQL Server as back-end. The process of our ERP development involves getting rid of each and every piece of paper work from your company or factory premises. We can automate each and every single procedure of business into high end technological process in a cost effective manner. Control the application using various Mobile/Tablet apps in real time factory situations, usage of RFID in extensive manner to get reduce the tracking issues, usage of Bio-metric to get rid of human power management along with security measures and many more.

Major Modules we cover in our ERP are:

Again we don’t have a plug and play ERP application, as we believe in a tailor made custom application. It looks easy to adopt an already developed application to purchase and use, but believe us that it is the most time taking and rigid process to do in our business. Even if you have a plug and play ERP solution, to get used to it, you need customization and training which takes even more time than a fresh designed application as per your needs.

Manage your resources more efficiently

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