Artificial Intelligence (Automation)

Artificial Intelligence

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The future of mankind is Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Internet of Things (IoT) and various sensors have the potential to provide real huge volumes of data. Using AI, we can learn the pattern of data to automate the tasks which are currently time consuming and challenging for various businesses


Case Study

We have automated the process of supply chain in a large warehouse of pharma stockiest. They were having a challenging situation to cope up with the speed of their delivery to retail outlets as per the orders. From receipt of order till delivery they follow a huge chain of processes which are:

We have automated the medicine collection process with automated racks connected with software. Punching the invoice will automatically bring the required stacks in front of the collection person. It increased their efficiency to a great extent as they don’t have to look for the medicines in the huge warehouse. The collected medicines are packed manually by that person cross checking with the items (They don’t want to automate this process due to their own policies).

It is then packed by an automated packing machine connected with our custom developed ERP along with a sticker containing the barcode, address for delivery and then they are automatically allocated to a courier person or their on-delivery rider.

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The above is just a small description about the automation we did, for more real time stories get connected with our experts at Our team has expertise to analyze your current IT architecture and can design a custom solution on the basis of that.